Twisty Glass Blunt

$27.99 (as of March 21, 2018, 11:09 pm)

Never have to worry about rolling a blunt again. This glass blunt allows you to hold up to 1.5 grams of ground-up herbs within its heat-resistant glass, and it features a corkscrew design that burns your herbs evenly, saving you from wasting the good stuff!

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If you love smoking, then you know how hectic it can be if you have to roll a paper or notes to hold herbs every time you need to smoke. Well, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that cumbersome because the Twisty Glass Blunt offers you the convenience and efficiency you need.

The good thing about using this Twisty Glass Blunt is that it offers you one of the best and most luxurious experiences whenever you smoke. It is designed to offer great simplicity when using it since you only need to place some of the dry herbs that you want to smoke into the glass pipe. After inserting the twisty, you can now light it to have enjoyable smoking experience.

This glass pipe also presents to you a much healthier alternative as compared to rolling paper. This is because when you use it, you will smoke the dry herbs only but when you smoke a rolled cigarette, you are also ingesting the smoke from the burnt paper used to roll it. Smoking the rolling paper is quite harmful to your health due to the carcinogenic emissions that it produces.

Also, when smoking a rolled cigarette, you will get low quality smoke because of the deterioration brought about by the burnt paper. Contrary to that, smoking your favourite herb using a glass pipe is way better since the smoke tastes only the rich flavour of that herb being burnt. Therefore, smoking using this glass pipe improves the quality of smoke with less harm to your health.

Something else to note about this product is its durability. This glass pipe is constructed of heat-resistant glass. This means that the glass hardly breaks and it is also resistant to rust. Additionally, this glass pipe comes in a complete set and a card grinder. Inside the set, you will find a glass bottle and a glass pipe cleaning kit.

Your smoking experience could be made much better with this product and that’s why you can’t miss having one.